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Chinese magazine spotted at airport. Left side is published pre-election with headline: the final game for Hilary. Right side published post election with headline: how Trump the businessman will change the world.
It’s been quite surreal to be in China post #election2016 . I realized two things being far away from the US. One - I never thought I would say this but I now have more confidence in the Chinese government than the US government in being a predictable and stable nation-state. Second - i now realize the extent to which the hatred for Hilary united so many disparate groups to create a united front for Trump. Even people who don’t participate in their own country’s politics and are so removed from American politics are excited to talk to me about the election and how much Americans, including me, must feel relieved that Trump won. I’ve been hearing this from all age groups and backgrounds, even people who are super aware of state propaganda and fake information have repeated back to me fake news about Hilary with the belief that it was true.
What’s even more surprising is that few people even know about his comments on the one China policy.
#triciainchina #livefieldnotes (at Beihai Fucheng Airport)

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