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This is a screenshot of Listening Together, #一块听听 , an official account within the Wechat platform, the most popular messaging platform in China. Listening Together offers educational material (audio, essays, videos, discussion groups) on a wide range of topics covering self help and professional development. that cost 1RMB to 1000 RMB. Payment and delivery of class materials are done within the WeChat platform. The classes listed here are in the following order: Everyday English, How to Improve Your Sperm Quality in 1 Hour, How To Improve Your Writing Skills in 7 Days, 1 hour to Master the Necessary Psychological Skills to Say Hi to Strangers, A Harvard MBA Teaches You How to Stop Being Single.
These topics reveal some of the most pressing anxieties among the middle class. There’s a big public discussion of the increasingly low-sperm quality amongst Chinese males. The unbalanced male to female gender ratio makes it hard for males to even date in the first place. And the reality of the gender is that a large portion of males will remain unwedded. So to secure a marriage, many makes are working on their hooking up/dating skills and profesional communication skills such as writing in order to move up the white collar chain.
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