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19 year old male showing me his two phone system and how he manages his porn storage. The iPhone is his public phone, while his Samsung is his “work phone” where he stores his porn and pictures of women he has dated. He has two WeChat accounts that he sends the pictures back and forth to. He finds the porn on Baidu cloud #百度云 storage system, then he downloads them to his android. One of the sites showed the message that site was illegal (porn is illegal in China), but then it listed the new site. I asked him why he has to separate it out into two phones, and he explained that if he had a girlfriend, she would have access to all his passwords and check on him regularly. He said he would see it as a caring action, 她很关心我她才会看我的手机. Even though he didn’t have a girlfriend at the moment, he said that when dating, girls will ask for his phone and look over it to ask questions about the pictures.
It’s quite typical for couples to divulge passwords and to regularly check up on each other’s communication history with other people. My initial reaction (that I have to work hard to hide) is that this is clearly a sign of distrust, but with most young people I talk to, they don’t even mention trust or privacy, they mention the word “caring” 关心 - that to be checked upon is to be cared for.
#triciainchina #livefieldnotes (at 上海外灘)

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