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I’m sitting in a room with 5 retired adults watching a TV show of children competing in a dance competition. In this video, the 5-7 year old toddlers have braids attached their hair, padded butt and breast inserts, and heavy make up. After they finish their dance to Freaky, a song by a K-pop artist, @hyunah_aa, the camera cuts to the judge’s reaction, “ you are dancing with a lot of passion and energy…”
It’s dizzying to think about all the levels of cultural appropriation going on here. And what’s equally interesting is that the 5 retired people weren’t even into the show, they just are bored and willing to watch anything. Half of them were on WeChat talking to people back in their home town. None of them have grandkids, and they openly express their bitterness and anger about this situation. Just 1 hour before the show, we were all eating a hotpot lunch and one of them said to me that she preferred her daughter just to marry to make a baby and then she can get divorced, because then at least they would have a baby, which is better than nothing.
#triciainchina #livefieldnotes (at Beihai)

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