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I’m at the newly opened Disneyland in Shanghai eating a turkey leg from the Tortuga Treats, a restaurant with an 1.5 hour line, the longest out of all the food stands. This is very surreal as I remember the last time gnawing on bones at a Disney was as a child at Anaheim Disney with my brother and my mother bringing out chicken legs and tea eggs from her bag for our lunch. I so badly wanted to eat burgers like everyone else. And even though I understood that it wasn’t financially easy for us to even come down to Disney in the first place, it didn’t take away how much I realized that we were not only different, but seen as weird. So it’s pretty crazy that a few decades later, Chinese people going to Disney don’t have to bring their own chicken drumsticks, they can just buy them now. But that won’t stop Chinese people from trying to bring in their own food still.
Also protip - I didn’t stand in line for the turkey legs. I found a person buying 1 leg and bribed him to let me be his second leg (each customer can only buy max 2 legs).
Thanks May for making this visit happen.
#triciainchina #livefieldnotes
(at Shanghai Disneyland Park)

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