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Sitting in a hostel watching a Chinese remix of the #Uvuvwevwevwe #TheHardestNameInAfrica meme that first started out in Kenya. This is a remix from @mrlemonix on Weibo and now it’s ended up on a streaming app. Remixing of memes that cross international borders is nothing new. What’s interesting is the stream of words that are crossing the video. Those are all realtime reactions from people who are also watching this video on the same video streaming app. 2333333 means 哈哈哈 which means “hahahaha.” While putting words on videos comes from a long time practice in anime communities, it’s gone mainstream in China recently. Whenever I see young people eating meals on their own in public, they usually are watching videos and half of the time it’s some streaming site on their mobiles.
#livefieldnotes #triciainchina

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