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June 25 2017

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Meeting of 2 🔥 masters: @jingtheory presenting her soon to be released @flybyjing Sichuan hot sauce and Ricardo’s @pilarcubaneatery secret hot sauce. I can’t underscore how they 2 sauces are the le best in their category. Taste it before it reaches the masses. (at Pilar Cuban Eatery)

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Friends who 🍩together stick together. @jingtheory // origins of friendship credit goes to a swede by the name of @thornkvist

(at Dough)

June 23 2017

You face still look young. You womb inside look very old. Very wrinkle. Toxic for baby.
You think you one year older. No. You eggs age 100 years every year in 30s.
Happy birthday. You womb 100 years older.
Grandma staying alive for you baby. Just tell truth - do you really want make baby for family? Or you just lying?
I love you too. Remember to go to bed before 11:00 to avoid liver illness.

June 15 2017

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Change of plans. 🙅🏽💩💩💩 // sign at my acupuncturist/acupressurist in Oakland. Highly recommended. In a rare combo he uses both tui na (acupressure) and acupuncture - Tong Zhang Acupuncture 599 9th St (at Zhang Tong Acupuncture)

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Congrats to @solespace1 for the #warriors @consciousbasketball art gallery exhibit & WSJ feature! GO SEE THIS IF YOU’RE IN YHE BAY! 👌🏾👏🏿Jeff runs the best sneaker store in the world - selling sneakers during the day & turning the store into a place for community orgs at night. #dubsagainsttheworld #sneakercommunity #sneakerhead #sneakerfreaker #sneakernews #t (at SoleSpace)

June 11 2017

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The power of Korean persuasion - jane convinced @mopeebs to buy hundreds of @getcocofloss & @minheeyoga convinced me to buy many yoga #forevermat

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🎊🎎🎏💜😘💕👏🏽@kentospa @alejjjandrrro (at Harlem)

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More time puhhhlease w/ this brilliant bad ass design crew ✌🏾️💥 @rokingwk @katholmes_ // @spotify #dpidays

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@xuhulk @ellethedog_ working hard

May 28 2017

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My first Korean BBQ w/ meat cooked on custom crystal quartz grill releasing positively charged ions! Crystal quartz’s molecular stability allows for a more even temperature distribution, no stickiness so a more even sear, & direct slicing since scratching isn’t an issue. @xuhulk Jane (at Hanjoo B.B.Q.)

May 27 2017

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😘🐶 @whereserinnow @ellethedog_ (at BAM)


CLOSE YOUR MOUTH. @mopeebs shares life instructions with me.

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What happens when Jane shows up on Saturday nights. @xuhulk

May 21 2017

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Energy dumplings w/ @panthea_lee @bitsybentley @hadleylord @sunnybates @therarehold (at Fried Dumpling)

May 14 2017

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I morphed into a @teradata server after keynoting their annual conf in France. I won the conf photo - a raspberry! But I think I was the only one who took a photo. #alwaysclassy #triciainfrance (at Palais des Congrès et des Expositions Nice Acropolis)

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OMG the ceviche at luki is amazing! It’s not a Aragón speciality, but the waiter told me the chef’s father is from Guatemala so he knows how to make bombass ceviche and will only do it when he has access to the best fish. So def get this dish! #triciainbarcelona (at Luki Barcelona)

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