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November 11 2017

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💓🐶💓🐶💓🐶💓🐶 @ellethedog_

November 10 2017

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An afternoon of food ❤️with Ricardo, one of my fave chefs in the world. I’ll be guest hostessing @pilarcubaneatery sometime in December so keep an eye out for an invite to celebrate the best Cuban food in the world which includes the best chorizo & more! (at Pilar Cuban Eatery)

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We seriously win the best couple in NYC of the year award. We have a pitbull, we chose Bed Stuy over Park Slope, we match with our grey toned clothing & @softstarshoes, we just drank turmeric latte and bone broth on our stroll to the farmer’s market in @fortgreenepark, we took turns being artificially inseminated, & we have a hybrid Prius. (at Fort Greene, Brooklyn)

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Winter arrived in NYC overnight with 5c/26f freeze warnings, but at least i got a little @slavin_fpo time humor to melt my low grade winter anger.

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Today I met June the ridgeback. ridgebacks are only dogs w/ double jointed legs (at East Rock)

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I feel extra fabulous walking the stuffy halls of Yale to deliver a lecture with the necklace that I designed when I️ finished my PhD. I️ made it as part social commentary on our inane credential society that assumes people with degrees are smarter than the non-degreed, and as part fuck you to every trash fucker who tried to tell me I️ wasn’t smart enough to get a doctorate. (at Yale University)

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Hanging w/ the imminent sociologist Dr. Deborah Davis, who entered Yale for her PhD at a time when women had to score higher points than men. We missed you @richard_madsen // also 👋🏽 @jasonqng @gwbstr (at Yale University)

November 09 2017

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Tricia’s resting bitch face or exhausted early wake up face? (at Grand Central Terminal)

November 03 2017

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Baby’s first entry into the world of Korean skin care
@frmbriyawithxoxo (at oo35mm.com)

November 01 2017

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Join me for @IBM’s #DSforAll webcast today 6pm EDT where I’ll be speaking about how my company, Sudden Compass, is helping companies drive growth by embracing and understanding the complexity of their customers. What that literally means is that we help companies understand the hardest thing to quantify, the most difficult thing to predict, the biggest unknown, and  most important thing to understand: PEOPLE. @mttlmy @sunnybates and I started our company because we saw that even when corporations invested in all the right data tools and hired the right data heads, they still weren’t making better decisions or getting the ROI from their investment. WHY? Because they were using big data to flatten, simplify, and box their customers into static models that didn’t reflect the complexity of people in relationship to their communities and the way their express their multiple identities through various social platforms.
I’ll be sharing some thoughts on how we work with our partners to fix this. Hint, the answer involves #thickdata.
And I’ll be share the stage w/ #datascience heavy weights like Nate Silver, Michael Li, and Nir Kaldero.

(at IBM Watson)

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@clay_shirky and I were physically in NYC, but our hearts and minds were in China with @xuhulk conspiring about our new project.

October 24 2017

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I ❤️ oakland. Where else can you place a mobile delivery of CBD/THC & through an app & get it delivered to a fucking bar within 10 minutes. (at Plum Bar & Restaurant)

October 23 2017

Grandma’s everyday life stay alive waiting for you make baby so she can die in peace. Be good daughter, give her peace.
I beg you, make baby now. I beg you with all me life. My life is disappearing. Me getting older.
A woman’s job is make baby. You not woman until you do you job. It’s your time be woman.

October 22 2017

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Goodbye my Chicago crew! wish me back again soon so that I can eat more yummy Ethiopian food in Edgewater! 😘🏙🛥🎡🏟⚾️ (at Chicago Riverwalk)

October 21 2017

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Woke up to this nasty bitch in my hotel room in Chicago for a #vedicmeditation session. @mopeebs (at Chicago, Illinois)

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😘🍦🍁pumpkin custard on a 80f/27c fall October day w/ @clairecrice in Chicago - the city we met in 8 years ago that led to so many more friendships. (at Lickity Split Frozen Custard & Sweets)

October 20 2017

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Stuffed animal or living dog?
@lulunreed product of @hiromiusagi @harperreed (at Chicago, Illinois)

October 03 2017

“Today, scientists recognise a range of promising approaches to help create new neurons (known as neurogenesis), make new synaptic connections between those neurons (known as synaptogenesis), promote new patterns of thoughts and reactions, bring underconnected areas of the brain back online – and reset our stress response so that we decrease the inflammation that makes us ill.” via Instapaper http://ift.tt/1QcXh0E
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