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October 03 2017

“Today, scientists recognise a range of promising approaches to help create new neurons (known as neurogenesis), make new synaptic connections between those neurons (known as synaptogenesis), promote new patterns of thoughts and reactions, bring underconnected areas of the brain back online – and reset our stress response so that we decrease the inflammation that makes us ill.” via Instapaper http://ift.tt/1QcXh0E
“The unifying principle of this new theory of everything is this: your emotional biography becomes your physical biology, and together, they write much of the script for how you will live your life. Put another way: your early stories script your biology and your biology scripts the way your life will play out.” via Instapaper http://ift.tt/1QcXh0E
“childhood adversity damages us on a cellular level in ways that prematurely age our cells and affect our longevity. Adults who faced early life stress show greater erosion in what are known as telomeres – protective caps that sit on the ends of DNA strands to keep the DNA healthy and intact. As telomeres erode, we’re more likely to develop disease, and we age faster; as our telomeres age and expire, our cells expire and so, eventually, do we.” via Instapaper http://ift.tt/1QcXh0E
“Researchers have also seen a correlation between specific types of adverse childhood experiences and a range of diseases. For instance, children whose parents die, or who face emotional or physical abuse, or experience childhood neglect, or witness marital discord between their parents are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, lung disease, diabetes, headaches, multiple sclerosis and lupus as adults. Facing difficult circumstances in childhood increases six-fold your chances of having myalgic encephalomyelitis (chronic fatigue syndrome) as an adult. Kids who lose a parent have triple the risk of depression in their lifetimes. Children whose parents divorce are twice as likely to suffer a stroke later down the line.” via Instapaper http://ift.tt/1QcXh0E
“‘Time,’ says Felitti, ‘does not heal all wounds. One does not “just get over” something – not even 50 years later.’ Instead, he says: ‘Time conceals. And human beings convert traumatic emotional experiences in childhood into organic disease later in life.’” via Instapaper http://ift.tt/1QcXh0E

“The number of adverse childhood experiences a patient had suffered could by and large predict the amount of medical care she would require in adulthood: the higher the ACE score, the higher the number of doctor’s appointments she’d had in the past year, and the more unexplained physical symptoms she’d reported.

People with an ACE score of 4 were twice as likely to be diagnosed with cancer than people who hadn’t faced any form of childhood adversity. For each point an individual had, her chance of being hospitalised with an autoimmune disease in adulthood rose 20 per cent. Someone with an ACE score of 4 was 460 per cent more likely to face depression than someone with a score of 0.” via Instapaper http://ift.tt/1QcXh0E


September 25 2017

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Pictured w/ me: a rural-urban communities architect, a MFA & MBA artist/biz school professor, a war crimes genocide investigator, and a business design strategist.
Thanks to @theconfmalmo for bringing together some of my fave brain fuck worthy humans to Malmö. We geeked out over the future of organizing and communities as we were fed by the boys of @saltimportencanteen . And this moment is extra meaningful with Vinay back 6 years after the 2012 #oceans9. We were just missing the rest of the crew.
#triciainmalmö #theconf (at Saltimporten)

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VACKERT pork belly! My first dish of 2017 at @saltimportencanteen - one of the best restaurants in the world, a Mecca for anyone who wants food for the peoples w/ a dose of Scandinavian fab.
Jag blir nästan tårogd. It’s like they knew I was coming for my first meal. 😘😘
#triciainmalmö (at Saltimporten)

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BÄSTA vegetarian dish ever to date at @saltimportencanteen ! Shaved cauliflower w/ curry stuff w/ pickled carrots, bean sprouts, peanuts and more. Please make this again next year @ingmarbergman1900
#triciainmalmö (at Saltimporten)

September 20 2017

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A huge thank you to @jasontmbk & @alqumit for taking part in @theconfmalmo's first talk show. Alqumit made the entire audience cry when he talked about how unstoppable he felt as a newly settled refugee in Sweden. (Yes, secret is out - Swedes have emotions.) And Jason gave the audience a sneak peak of the upcoming theatrical debut of #endroppemidnatt - the stage version of his book that tells the story of his life of being born in Sweden to two American parents, one white and one black. 
If you live in Sweden, then you should already have your ticket reserved for Jason’s show that is touring Stockholm & Malmö starting with their opening night on Sept 21 in Stockholm. It’s going to be amazing with renowned director @farnaz_arbabi 🎬 at the helm and the immensely talented @damntheband 🥁🎹🎷🎼🎸.
Tickets ➡️ endroppemidnatt.se
#endroppemidnatt #theconf #triciainmalmö (at Malmö, Sweden)

September 18 2017

‘You’ve got to go the last mile with your forecasts,’” Uccellini said. “We needed—with a sense of urgency—to move beyond forecast warnings and connect with decision makers.”” via Instapaper http://ift.tt/2eSkEjB

September 17 2017

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Baby’s first pride! 🌈
I got to witness the first pride parade experience for @salma.winchester and @james.altair .
2 years after escaping Syria, they are speaking Swedish and waiving the pride flag on the opening float of Malmö’s annual celebration. When @maydbs invited them to be on a float, they were telling me that when they were in Syria, they never had the chance to meet any gay people and now they couldn’t believe that they were going be in a float. After a year of settling in Malmö, Salma has become the queen bee of a den of queer Syrians who have made similar escapes to Sweden to find their own people.
Malmö is where James & Salma are building their community and finding new pieces of themselves with each new relationship.
While the state provides citizenship, it’s scalable systems often create a alienation. Cities can be counterbalance - it’s where concrete meets the heart, giving us a sense of who we are in the world through the people we meet.
It’s been such an adventure watching Salma and James this past year so I can only imagine what’s going to happen next! Sweden got very lucky that you chose them. Thanks @maydbs for making the day possible! 😘🌈❤️ #triciainmalmö #malmöpride (at Malmö, Sweden)

September 12 2017

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🎉😘🎁From refugee to resident - @Alqumit received residency status today and is now 1 step closer to 🇸🇪citizenship! The picture on this asylum card I’m holding was taken upon his arrival in Sweden after 1 month of travel across sea and land. Notice how different he looks! Alqumit told he had to look more “straight” and “masculine” for his escape. But now that he’s in Sweden, he’s free to wear what he wants, and most importantly to smile as big as he wants. Smile until it hurts, Alqumit! You’re unstoppable & Sweden is so lucky to have you as their treasure.
#triciainmalmö #syrianrefugee #syrianresident #syriansvensk #syrianswede (at Café Jesusbaren)

September 02 2017

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GOD MORGON MALMÖ! PEPPILIPEPP! I’ll be kickstarting the 2017 @theconfmalmo today by hosting an experimental talk show with 2 amazing guests, hip hop artist @jasontmbk whose political messages and infectiously danceable beats have penetrated the Swedish pop cultural consciousness AND painter @alqumit who has made Malmö his new home after fleeing from ISIS controlled Raqqa, Syria and chosen Sweden as his new country for its extensive protection of gay rights.
The timing of this talk show highlights the urgency of finding new ways of seeing. We’re going to be talking about one of my favorite research topics - how people mediate their identity using the arts and social media. And it’s of no coincidence that Malmö is the home to this discussion. As the most diverse city in Scandinavia (and my favorite), Malmö’s diversity has increased even more over the last few years when it became home to 1/5 of the Syrian refugees accepted by Sweden. How does the rest of the world learn from the Malmö experiment?
You’ll also get to watch some sneak preview video clips of Jason and his band @damntheband rehearsing for their upcoming fall premier of his theatre show over Sweden (buy tickets at endroppemidnatt.se)  #endroppemidnatt
#triicainmalmö (at Babel Malmö)

September 01 2017

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So proud to say I have a Syrian crew. One of the best things about making Malmö my home one month every year is that last year I got to become friends with a few Syrian refugees who then introduced me to more. And through them, I’ve been able to watch their integration process as they learn how to speak Swedish, navigate the citizenship journey, and build their communities. Their resilience inspires me and I’m grateful that a thing that was a distance piece of humanitarian disaster news is now many human beings who are inextricably a part of my life. Thank you to @thornkvist for introducing me to this group and thank you to Sweden for taking in the most Syrian refugees per capita in the world. I’m very excited to see how this generation of citizens expands the Swedish identity and experience. #triciainmalmö #syrianrefugeecrisis #syrianrefugee
@sajed.ha @alqumit @salma.winchester @james.altair @shiralane (at Malmö, Sweden)

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Evidence that Korean skin is magical - whose skin reflects gold when captured by a camera? Not my Chinese skin! Jane’s magical Korean skin is blinding the lens. @voirlaforet your crew misses you very much in NYC. You’re the only person i know who enjoys reading annual EOY reports & gossip about supply chain management and production procurement as FUN casual reading. That’s why NYC hired you to run their private public partnerships for fashion. 💯@xuhulk for sharing you. Please come back soon. (at Central Harlem)

August 28 2017

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Best compression therapy: 65 pound #pitbull @ellethedog_ laying on top of me.

August 27 2017

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Ohhh Don’t make me want you I sooo want you! 🎧🎤🎼As I was noticing all these beautiful people streaming past me for @afropunk in Brooklyn & then I recognized the gorgeously sexy @perfectellipses walking towards me styling a black tank topped w/ a swath of lace & biker bag metal buckles. 💯 (at The Afropunk Global Initiative)

August 26 2017

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Topics discussed during ladies who brunch in bedstuy: AI, Alpha Go, migration, dating, @theconfmalmo, @saltimportencanteen, dumb boys, harassment, rural urban divide, labor exploitation. @whereserinnow @latoyap @mitu 📷 @mrcwdc 💜💙👅 @pilarcubaneatery (at Pilar Cuban Eatery)

August 25 2017

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ARCHITECTURAL BRAIN ORGASM! Someone knows me very well to gift me a book on a topic I am obsessed with - the dominance of vision as a sense in the West and its effects on how we design, interface, & normalize the world around us–esp the unfamiliar. Poetic theory delivered to my hands by @thornkvist 😘💜🙏🏽👏🏽📖. Architect friends- do you guys know about Pallasmaa’s book “The Eye of the Skin”? #triciainmalmö #t (at Malmö, Sweden)

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