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February 05 2018


Continued learning is the basis for being richly alive.

Septima Clark

January 29 2018

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☀️🎉💃🏿🤗SHORTS SHORTS SHORTS SHORTS FINALLY! Even though i am here for a 2 day advisory board meeting, I will stay in shorts as much as I can cuz I am not in cold ass NYC!

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I felt such a sudden weight stepping foot onto the UC San Diego campus that I felt paralyzed. I came here as an undergrad and back for grad school - so a total of 11 years. That’s significant. Essentially, this campus has witnessed every major shift in my life - from the painful to the exhilarating- it’s seen it all - the eucalyptus trees spread throughout the grounds hold so many stories and memories of friendships that emerged from this isolated institution above the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. (en UCSD Geisel Library)

January 28 2018

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Made a quick trip to @digitaslbi_uk London to speak abt the most impt data policy to be implemented in the last few decades: #GDRP. MARKETING WILL FOREVER BE CHANGED! Every company operating in the EU has to get permission from consumers before using, selling, & mining their data. If you’re doing marketing the traditional demographic way plus fancy “big data” programmatic & open ad exchanges, you should be really scared. If you actually want to build a customer-centric company, then this is going to be a great opp for to be freed from marketing to avatars! THIS IS SO BIG! And of course the forward thinking folks at @digitaslbi_uk hosted this event with Google to explore all the amazing opportunities that comes with this policy change in May. Thanks @hattie_hattie for the intro & @lizowizzpop for all the organizing! #triciainlondon (en Google Creative Lab)

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I gave a talk on Designing for Humans in the Era of Algorithmic Decision-Making at @designlabucsd. Super inspiring to meet students and professors who are not only blurring but operating beyond the technical and non-technical divide. Thanks 📸 @erinroseglass (en The Design Lab)

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STOP 3 - Ceviche pulpo 🐙 at the Alex Mariscos food truck in a gas station. We made it to 3 places in less than 24 hours!
@emmathornkvist @thornkvist (en Mariscos Alex)

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STOP 2 - El Zarape for the knulla i munnen scallop tacos and lobster quesadillas. @emmathornkvist @thornkvist #triciainsandiego (en El Zarape Restaurant ( oficial ))

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Say hej to the first Swedes I convinced to come to San Diego - the secret food capital of the USA. STOP 1: El Comal for their Cochinita Pibil, mole, ensalada de nopales, y chille relleno.
@thornkvist @emmathornkvist @adriene_hughes #triciainsandiego (en El Comal Mexican Restaurant)

A river cuts through rock not because of its power, but its persistence.
— Unknown

January 26 2018

As a writer you are free. You are about the freest person that ever was. Your freedom is what you have bought with your solitude, your loneliness.
— Ursula Le Guin
The literature of imagination, even when tragic, is reassuring, not necessarily in the sense of offering nostalgic comfort, but because it offers a world large enough to contain alternatives and therefore offers hope.
— Ursula Le Guin
All of us have to learn how to invent our lives, make them up, imagine  them. We need to be taught these skills; we need guides to show us how. If we don’t, our lives get made up for us by other people.
— Ursula Le Guin
The trouble is, women have to be absolutely first class to get where third-class men get.
— Ursula Le Guinm
My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; it gives me all the world, and exiles me from it.
— Ursula Le Guin
And day to day, life is a hard job, you get tired, you lose the pattern. You need distance, interval. The way to see how beautiful earth is, is to see it from the moon. The way to see how beautiful life is, is from the vantage point of death
— Ursula Le Guin
We read books to find out who we are. What other people, real or imaginary, do and think and feel… is an essential guide to our understanding of what we ourselves are.
— Ursula Le Guin
A library is a focal point, a sacred place to a community; and its sacredness is its accessibility, its publicness. It’s everybody’s place.
— Ursula Le Guin
The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: not knowing what comes next.
— Ursula Le Guin
Truth is a matter of the imagination.
— Usula Le Guin
Those who build walls are their own prisoners. I’m going to go fulfill my proper function in the social organism. I’m going to go unbuild walls.
— Ursula Le Guin
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